The name of this collection is inspired, like some  other charming stories: in a love story.
Because love moves us, in all its forms: magically and in spirituality.

One of Shakespeare’s most famous love potions is used by the fairy Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and is made from a flower called love-in-idleness, also known as wild pansy. (Viola tricolor).

The potion is created when cupid fires an arrow at ‘the imperial devotee’ (Queen Elizabeth I), but misses and hits the flower instead. The petals turn from white to purple, and the flower juice turns into a love potion. Puck then places the potion on Lysander’s sleeping eyes and then on Demetrius, causing chaos in the forest.

In the natural world, petal color is an important characteristic of plants, as insects use petal patterns to determine where they should land to collect nectar. Many insects can also see a broader spectrum of light than humans, including ultraviolet, meaning flowers look significantly different in ‘insect view’.

Scientifically speaking, viola tricolor is not capable of inducing love, but extracts from the plant have been shown to be antimicrobial and cytotoxic. Cytotoxic chemicals can kill entire cells, so they can treat diseases caused by uncontrolled growth, such as cancer.

Violet, comes from the Latin “viola” which is a flower.
According to color theory, violet is naturally complemented by yellow, like the ones in this flower: viola tricolor.

It is one of the most difficult colors to obtain, it has been associated with mystery, magic, wisdom and the spiritual. This color helps balance the mind, linked to the functioning of the brain, stimulates imagination and intuition.

Being at the end that unites the visible spectrum of blue with the invisible ultraviolet, it is considered to mark the limit between what is visible and what is not visible. It represents that mystery and fantasy that has been shown as the ability to make the impossible possible, and to be outside reality and mysticism, violet is a symbol of fantasy.

In India, the violet color represents the transmigration of souls, acquiring an even more mystical meaning when representing the energies and chakras linked to the brain, thought and spirituality. (7 chakra: Sahasrara or Crown chakra, related to spiritual connection; it connects body, mind and soul, for it localization it is related to the brain).

Apart from all the information below, this unique piece was made with a lot of love, all its properties and mysticism may accompany you through this object-art.

I hope you enjoy it!